A little bit about my work...©2016 Bowes Digital

100% unique, custom designs.

Many developers sell templates; I do not. When I build a website, it is guaranteed to be original and will not be resold to others. I work from the ground up to bring a completely new product to each customer. You will never see your design reused on the internet.

Multi browser optimized. (HTML/CSS/PHP)

Many developers focus on one or two browsers. I ensure that your site will be viewable in the 5 major web browsers available today. They include Internet Explorer 7; Mozilla Firefox 3.x; Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera. (Internet Explorer 6 can be targeted, but will limit options for some features.)

Offered with 'Site On Disk'.

A website developed for a client is owned by that client. I provide my clients with a complete website on disk (CD or DVD) that can be taken to any future developer and used, modified or changed in it's entirety. If for any reason you decide to go a different route once the site is completed, that is your option. Your only financial commitment should you choose to change developers would be the current webhosting and registration fees and any development or purchasing costs incurred at the time of the decision.

Available with Cost Saving Alternatives.

Web development can get costly, and most developers offer a flat price no matter what work is involved. I will always offer my clients alternatives to costly development and assist them to find either cheaper or free options and integrate them into the website at no cost. Along these lines, I will work on templates that are brought to me as these can be great cost savers to my end clients.

Developed with High motivation.

I am entirely self taught and am continuously learning new techniques and skills to expand my abilities. I approach every project with a drive to create something special and unique; something that will not only get my clients noticed, but get my name out there as a competent and skilled professional.